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GNCAC possesses, within its second site, on the road of the Mondaine Coast (designated "GNCAC Ville"), a General Mechanic Workshop.

Tanks to its important materiel stock and to its trained staff, this workshop realize the following activities :

Fabrication of mechanical parts following plan or model, individually or in mass:

- Machine part of simple revolution, spherical or conial forms
- Gear manufacturing
- Serration machining

For all these works, GNCAC owns an important and diversified stock of works materials allowing to answer the needs of all industrial activities (steel, bronze, teflon, stainless, etc…)

Metal Spraying
On the other hand, the "Workshop Ville" possesses a repair station by metal spraying of any metals of stainless steel, chromium et bronze ("procédé sans déformation et réusiné").

Various repairs
The mechanical workshop repairs any materials of public, oil, naval and forest works (harms, bucket, axle). It is specialized in the special welding (Cast iron, Bronze, Aluminium, Steel) pour :

- Crankcase
- Pump casing
- Engine block                                                                                                                                                                 

These works are made with products of high professional skill.

Oil Threading

Finally, the Workshop "GNCAC Ville" can made the manufacturing of any oil threading, such as API or others REGULAR – IF- NPT – LP – EU – NU – ACME – HYDRILL – BUTRESS for big structures.

Other offered services :

- Recharging and rectification "de lames de stabilisateur"
- Rent, maintenance or re-equipement of reamers, hole openers, valves.
- Pipe Welding, conductor pipe, connectors"
- Etc…

Motors Restoration

In addition, a workshop of motors restoration is equipped with machines with high performances and can offer the following services:

- Outside cylindrical rectification and brace, capacity between point of 2200 mm
- Cilinder head and engine block surfacing capacity 1600 mm height 960 mm width 500 mm
- Boring of arbors line till 2 000 mm
- Manufacturing, laying and rectification of  valves seat.
- Boring of Connecting rod                                                                                                                                                         -Complete restoration of connecting roaded blocks.


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